This is a map of places that matter in Holyoke. But it is not complete — it needs your contributions.

Explore .  Click on one of the icons to learn more. Use the tools to sort locations based on the National Register of Historic Places, the State Register of Historic Places, the Local Register of Historic Places, Twitter and Flickr feeds, as well as comments from your neighbors.

Contribute. Is there a place we are missing? Take a photograph and upload it to the map and tell us something about it! Is a location missing an important piece of historic information? Write some text for that location and submit it to the website! Just want to comment on why one of these places is important to you? Tweet at us using the location’s hashtag or leave a comment!

Remember, the Massachusetts Digital Atlas is a map for you, by you, and about you. Share places that are important to your community and go visit communities across Massachusetts to see what places are important to them!

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